Homeland, thoughts of sacrifice, and the crud…

So, I have been watching this show Homeland. Listening to it is more accurate. I have been ill the bulk of the week with intense head pressure, sinus pressure and pressure in general. It’s all good. As my mother would say, “Every day is not a bad day.” Today, my eyes have felt like they are burning, coupled with an intense headache. However, I have run off a rabbit trail.

Homeland is an intense show about a POW who returns home from captivity. The Bergdahl-ish character is a Marine who is rescued by JSOC forces. His return is met with an adulterous wife, rebellious children, severe PTSD and more than one person who wants to monopolize his time. All of this triggers many memories of different scenarios which I have experienced or seen my friends struggle with.

Many emotions have surfaced over the past few days as I listen, and occasionally watch when my eyes are not being scorched by light rays.  Bitterness, rage, frustration, and resentment have come up through the first season. Why would I be bitter? The knowledge that we should have won the War on Terror causes me to harbor bitterness and resentment. As much as I try to make peace with it, I can’t help but feel the war was pointless. What was the point of my friends sacrifice? So, I could watch my country erode under the treasonous actions of politicians, who would kill us all for one more dollar in their account? To watch political parties, rip the Constitution to shreds so they can achieve power once again? It is sickening.

I suppose, I should take comfort in the fact I am already sick.

There is no point to this rant. Emotions which are stirred up by the show aside, it is a quality program. I have enjoyed watching/listening to the first season. I will continue to watch the show because the characters are intriguing, the story writing is crisp, and the pace is intense. It will have to be watched again since I haven’t “seen it.”

In the end, none of it really matters. Illness eventually subsides, and emotions are discarded or ignored. I am feeling better, so at least one thing has worked out in my favor this week. Now excuse me, Homeland awaits.

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