The crud….

Today is day 3 of the crud.

Fever is causing my eyes to ache; my runny nose is leaking like a busted PVC pipe after a hard freeze. To say I am aching is an understatement. The cold medication provides temporary relief, but it has not killed the virus yet. Ah well, it is only a matter of time before I feel better. This experience has caused me to walk down memory lane.

After my second tour to Iraq, I decided to have a vasectomy. It did not go well.

I do not want to be crude, so I will simply state I went to the hospital in Bad Windsheim. My temperature is taken, all the preliminary work is completed, and the wait begins.  A doctor comes in and without checking me tells me to go home.

“Go home, lie on the couch and your body will heal itself.”

It was not what I wanted to hear. When you are in pain, you want relief. This piece of medical advice I was given did not provide me any comfort, but I did learn a valuable lesson. The human body can overcome most ailments. Time heals most everything. Judging from the price of a doctor’s visit and the high cost of medication, I will take the advice and sleep until I feel like my old self.

Y’all have a good day.

19 November 2019

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