Can you “choose” to be happy?

Good morning.

It’s on the nippy side this morning. It appears the weather here has decided to skip autumn and throw us head long into winter. All is well that ends well, or so I have been told. I am emotionally as frigid as the weather outside of my cabin. I have often been told being happy is optional. As in, “you can choose to be happy!” Does this mean I am making a choice to be unhappy? Or sad? If it all goes off the whim of the individual, why isn’t everyone happy?

This type of conversation has often led me to wonder about other aspects of life. If the will of the individual is so strong it can alter entire emotions by “wishing” away the emotions we don’t want to deal with, why can’t it impact PTSD? Wait one while I put on my shoes. Now according to some people’s logic, if I click my heels together three times and utter the phrase, “I choose not to have PTSD” I should be cured right? Perhaps, I can use this to combat the nightmares of Fallujah, or epilepsy or some other incurable disease. Maybe it will affect poverty or the homeless population.

I kinda doubt it.

The will of the individual is tied directly to the whim of the individual. In stating the individual has the power to alter their emotional health, we are saying God Almighty made a mistake when He created mankind. When the Almighty God created mankind, He also created the emotions we experience. We aren’t meant to always be happy. Sometimes, we experience anger, frustrations, sadness or any other emotion. It helps us maintain a balance in our lives. If an individual is always happy, or content, they are not normal. Something is off kilter if we only experience one type of emotion.

Life is about balance. We need hard times as much as we need good times. The trials we experience strengthen us, whereas the good times make us appreciate the sunshine. You can’t have one without the other.

I would simply say to take a moment and breathe. Understand that life is meant to be lived, so take no prisoners. Grab life by the horns and hold on to your hat.

Have a good day.

9 November 2019

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