Sleep deprived musings…

My dreams have kept me awake all night.


Is it my past? Maybe, or is it concerns about the future? Nah, I don’t care about no future! Perhaps, it is my present state of being. Enh, what do I have to be concerned about? Sleep is a necessary part of living. It isn’t optional, you must sleep. The body is like a battery, you must recharge if you are going to operate at peak efficiency.

Welp, I am done before I ever get started.

It has been a couple of trying weeks. Lessons have been learned and seizures have been had. I was finally able to crack my neck and get some relief. As good as it felt, it can’t replace sleep. Decisions I feel would be justified need to be reviewed. It would be a shame to cut people off because I misunderstood their intentions. Then again, I may be postponing the inevitable.

My eyes are burning from a lack of sleep, but the day is not going to wait. I must get up and get started.

We will see how it goes.

6 November 2019

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