Shoe scrappin’

For the past couple of days I have struggled with the feeling I am nothing more than some unwanted thing on the bottom of people’s shoes. It’s a bad feeling to feel unwanted.

I am sure my feeling of being unwanted comes from Fallujah and the memories it stirs up within me. However, we all feel this way sometimes.

I will finish this thought later.

Sorry for the delay, I was riding home with my dad. The past two days we have been attempting to get his truck home since we broke down on Monday.

Anyway, this topic sprang into my mind while I listened to the conversation of the men who gathered around our broken truck.

“There are some dumb people in the world!” Some of the men shook their heads in agreement, others stayed quite, refusing to opine on the state of America.

“Yep, people will use and abuse you. Then act like you’re nothing but some unwanted crap on the bottom of their shoes. They go outside and try to scrape you off!”

The truth is some people are addicted to their need of you. I chewed on this sound bite most of the morning. I am blessed to have good people in my life. These Fallujah blues will not last forever.

I can’t wait for them to be over.

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