Nanowrimo…the challenge…

Behold! The national novel writing month approaches!

As the rain pounds the tin roof above my head, excitement pounds in my heart. I love this time of year. My challenge awaits me, like some damsel locked away in a tower guarded by a fire troll. At first it seems to be too big to conquer, after all, 50,000 words on one subject is daunting. However, I made myself a promise. This year A Walk in Darkness is completed.

So, let’s get down to it.

At one time, I had written 44,000 words of it. It didn’t sit well with me, so I deleted it and started over. I wrote another 20,000 and deleted them. I am up to 14,000 words and I hope to complete the entire novel in November.

Y’all wish me luck.

30 October 2019

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