Wasting time…

Note to self:

You’re medicated, DO NOT post until you look this over.

The thought struck me today, I am wasting time. Rather, I am waiting for a visit from the Grim Reaper. I am 46 years old. It doesn’t look like much on paper, but as I’ve been told by my doctors, “Your 46 in a 90-year-old body.” Some people treat their bodies like a temple, I treat mine like an amusement park. My knees are shot, my back aches, I get migraine and tension headaches, and I have epilepsy. Good times.

Don’t worry there are plenty more injuries and rated body parts I could list, I figured my audience would get the point. I am broken. How did I reach the conclusion I am wasting my time? I suppose it was the resounding quietness of my own thoughts which drives home this point. I’m over it. The point remains time is one commodity we can’t get back. You can’t buy more and refill it like minutes on a phone. Once it is gone, it is gone for good.

Wasting time could mean anything. Usually, it means I am stuck behind Mr./Mrs. Talky Talkerson at a cash register. I am primed and sitting on go, and they want to discuss their whole week, the vacation they had to cancel or their 16-year-old son’s third child with his new baby momma. “GO! You’re wasting my time!” Drive throughs are the worst at wasting time. Generally, the car in front of me pulls up to the window, sits there and chats up the cashier, the whole time knowing they don’t have their money ready to pay for their meal. Am I the only one who rages in the drive through? How hard is it to have your crap together?

Lord help me, I am going nuts.

Life is not just a journey with no set destination in mind. When we reach the end of our road, there are only two places we can go. How we lived our lives dictate the destination we go to. One is a place where peace, joy and goodness exists for all time. The other is, well, fiery torment for all eternity. The good news is we don’t have to go to the latter. Heaven can be our new home once our journey here on Earth is over. We may waste time here, but there is one priority we must make sure we get right. Is our eternal soul ready to meet our Maker?

If it’s not, we don’t need to waste another day.

24 October 2019

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