Yesterday, I went to log into my blog and found myself unable to find to my account. It seems someone hacked my email, erased my blog and took my writings for themselves. I suppose, I could say it’s nice to be wanted. On the other hand, it made me angry. Every college student writes about plagiarism. Often, I found myself going through the motions when writing about it, however, yesterday I understood why plagiarism is frowned upon.

It takes a lot of work to generate ideas, even more work to focus them into a complete article. To have someone take your ideas and pass them off as their own is truly disheartening. I contacted WordPress and they got to work on recovering my account. In less than an hour they had recovered my account, kicked off the interloper, and restored Freeman’s Front Porch Musings to its rightful place. The staff at WordPress deserves more credit than I can possibly give them, they are true professionals.

I have written almost 700 blogs. Seeing a name other than mine on my writing was heartbreaking. Sure, most of my writing is garbage but it’s still my garbage. The process of creating a post for Freeman’s Front Porch Musings often requires me to watch videos on YouTube or read hours upon hours of articles concerning politics or other topics. I am thankful I can do these things. While my retirement was unexpected and unwanted, it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

I am grateful my account was recovered. My writings have been returned to my blog and Freeman’s Front Porch Musings is back at WordPress. In the end, it all came out in the wash. Now excuse me, I have a lot of thoughts to jot down before they slip my mind.


30 October 2019

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