America, the lost….

America is a great nation.

 I have lived in Europe, Germany specifically, and while I enjoyed living in Southern Bayern it never felt like home. I traveled extensively throughout Europe and spent time in the Middle East and Africa. While my physical presence was there, my attention was back home in Mississippi. In my mind I was just visiting these places, I never forgot America was my home.

So, it bothers me to see the state of my country today.

America has lost its way. Politicians meet in private to impeach the President. The media consistently attacks the President and his family. Lies, slander and half-truths are investigated by the corrupt. The murder of innocent life is celebrated. Abnormal lifestyles are the “new thing” and anyone saying it’s abnormal is ostracized for being out of tune with what is new and hip. As reality shifts into the weird and the wacky, more people line up to celebrate the abnormality of these lifestyles. Failure to accept homosexual marriages as legitimate will get you harassed, assaulted, and worse.

Then there is the lack of truth in our society. We have talk show hosts getting their audiences to believe they should spout “their truth.” I realize I am just a country boy with a limited vocabulary. However, I was informed by my parents there is only the truth. This is going to hurt, but if we only have “our truth” then it is tainted with “our” bias.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights grants American citizens their rights. It is written out in black and white. If we want to get technical with it, our rights come from God Almighty, our Founding Fathers just put them down on paper. Each new law is an infringement upon said rights. Politicians running for President have stated they not only plan to infringe upon certain rights, they plan to eradicate them. Where is the uproar when these political “representatives” spout their plans to violate our God-given rights?

This has been a long time coming. None of this happens overnight, it takes a consistent whittling away at the foundation to set the stage for the removal of our rights. It takes years of scheming to influence people to call for the eradication of their rights and to fully trust the government to deliver security and provide for all their needs. As enlightened as members of this society declare themselves to be, they are sheep being led to the slaughter.

The only way America will change course is if we take charge of our government once again. It is high time to vote out the people who refuse to obey the rule of law. The rule of law applies to every citizen of this country. It (the rule of law) does not care if you are a Republican or Democrat, nor does it care if you are black, white, Asian, Muslim, Christian or other. Supposedly, the system the Founding Fathers’ put in place still works.  One would be hard pressed to prove it, given the corruption of multiple presidencies and numerous representatives and senators.

I am reminded of the fall of the Roman Empire and the correlation between Rome and America is staggering. Corruption and abnormal lifestyles brought about the ruin of Rome; the ending of America will be no different unless we change course.

24 October 2019

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