The downside of growing old….

The downside to growing old is watching people you love pass away.

Over the past few weeks, I have been bombarded by news of friends who are on their last leg. Cancer is the cause of some of it, but other diseases have stricken a few others. Men who shaped me into the man I am today, are unwell and facing the end of their roads. My heart is heavy. This morning, I had a conversation with one of them and he told me he is at peace with what is coming. He told me to continue being the good man I am.

I’m not a good man.

From memory I could generate a list of good men. These men stand for God, walk with Him, and show the love of the Lord to everyone they meet. These same men find a way to work through their issues with their partner, they are dependable, faithful, and a Godly example for all to emulate. Those are good men. They epitomize every good thing a decent human being should be. I am sure they have their faults and struggles, but you never see it.

Bad news seems to accumulate like a weed you can’t root out of the ground.

It hurts my heart to watch my friends become so frail they are stricken in bed. To see them battle a disease who in time will destroy this fleshy vessel. I know Heaven awaits them, and the Lord knows Heaven will be blessed to have them. Knowing this doesn’t make it any easier here on Earth though. There will always be a void that will remain unfilled because they aren’t here.

I can’t do this.

Ya’ll have a good day. Love your family and friends, cherish the time you have with them.

24 October 2019

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