Some days it isn’t worth getting out of bed.

I can feel myself drawing away from people as the anniversary of Fallujah looms closer. Although I know this is the wrong thing to do, I do it anyway. It seems the lesson I am meant to learn this year is to be careful what you pursue. Maybe it’s the memories of Fallujah dictating my attitude. The little voice that tells us what we should not say or write is working overtime this morning. My little voice often fails to keep my mouth shut.

You can’t reach for the stars with one hand and hold on tightly to the past with the other. You must be willing to let go of the past if you hope to reach the pinnacle of your mountain. It is impossible to progress when you will not fully commit to your goals. I dare say you must be like a horse with blinders on. Issues in the peripheral only serve as a distraction, keep your focus and pursue with all your heart. But….

Be careful what you pursue.

Financial stability might be a worthy endeavor, but if you have accumulated mounds of wealth and have no friends, will you be happy? You might reach the top of your given profession, but if you don’t have love, will you be fulfilled? In a society where excess is celebrated, why are so many people depressed? Why is depression and anxiety on the rise, if happiness can be found in successful careers and money? Many folks are willing to sacrifice love, family, friends and their eternal soul for another level in the corporation, or another million dollars in the bank.

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

I find it disheartening so many people are depressed. Depression can lead to suicidal thoughts, and those can lead to actual suicide. If we are going to pursue something in life, perhaps it should be the freedom to be who we truly are. Be the person who brings light into a dark world. Don’t focus on work or money more than you do on being a good parent. Be the example you want your children to emulate. Show the world grit and gentleness. Careers are important but they aren’t the most important thing. Don’t focus so hard on your career that you lose focus on your marriage. Find time to take care of yourself, because when you pass on to the next life it’s too late to change. Be kind always, don’t allow the world to harden your heart.

Through our kindness and example, we can change the world.

23 October 2019

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