AWID…Bad days and lonely nights…

“I can’t help what you hear!”

Veins taunt, her eyes clouded by anger, she screeches these venom-filled words at me. I wait for my moment to respond back with my own venom, there will be no coming back from this argument.


“Every time I say anything to you, you reach for your wallet!”

“I’m a generous guy, not to mention your husband.”

“By what standard are you a husband? You are a provider, a means to an end.”

I bite down on my tongue, hard. The taste of blood fills my mouth.


“What are you trying to do? Buy my affection? If it was for sale, you couldn’t afford it!”

“Oh, so now I am a whoremonger. Wonderful. Any other accusations you care to air out before I destroy your grid square?”

She balls her fist up, her face contorted with rage, she swings and strikes my face. I wipe my mouth, blood stains the back of my hand.

“ Ok. Do your worst, we will settle up after.”

20 October 2019

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