Musings about Southern living….

Life is different here in the South. In the major cities’ life moves quicker, but here in southern states life takes on a slower pace. We talk slow, but man, we sure don’t think slow. The southern states are a rough land, filled with tough people. Toughness is bred here, and if a man isn’t tough there isn’t a lot left to say. I love the South, and while I have lived in major cities, Mississippi is my home.

We work hard and play even harder. Life has meaning in the South, and we cherish it. We have a reputation for violence, and yes, it was earned. However, we have learned from our mistakes. We like our tea sweet, and our women sweeter. Here in the South we expect men to step up and own their mistakes. It is forgivable if you can’t read or write, but it is never forgivable if you don’t know how to fight.

Many us go to church on Sunday mornings, and we still believe heaven is real, hell is hot, and sin is wrong. We will bless your heart, and call you honey, darling and dear.  People will call you sir or ma’am dependent upon your gender. Men will not tell you about their feelings and women will be as fierce as grizzly bears when it comes to small children.

We like fried food, and dessert. Then we turn around and wash it down with a cold Dr. Pepper. Many of us wave at strangers from our vehicle, we park in the road and chat with our neighbors. We root feverishly for our favorite teams and spend hours talking smack about that loss we shouldn’t have on our record. We will show you respect until you show us you don’t deserve any. We are proud of our heritage and our flag. We don’t care if people don’t like it. The cost of living is low, and the living standard is even lower.

For all our troubles, life is good here in the South.

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