Radicals to the left, jokers to the right….what’s a guy to do?

It seems radicalization has become the new trend in American politics. Both parties are not without their extremists. On the right, white supremacists hate everything darker than their skin tone. Throughout the last one hundred years, they terrorized communities, hung people they deemed unworthy, and used tactics to bring fear to a fever pitch. They thrived on creating distrust among the races. There is and should be a zero tolerance policy in place to deal with this type of insanity.

Today, the radical left is no different. With the burgeoning movement of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other fringe elements, the masks may have changed but the tactics have not. True, Antifa doesn’t give a crap about your skin tone. However, if you voted for the current President of the United States then you are public enemy #1. They may not be hanging people from the community square, but they will terrorize you at home, work, or at a restaurant. If you disagree with any point in their radical ideology, then you must be destroyed. It is the same ole song and dance. There should be zero tolerance for this type of behavior.

I often lament about the eradication of civil discourse among us. At some point, we must find a way to compromise with each other. This outright hatred of all things right or left is not only wrong, it is dangerous. When you couple this type of behavior with lies and agendas, insanity will occur. You can’t call on people to harass Trump supporters every time you see them, and then gasp in surprise when an assault or worse happens.

A generation of youth taught to hate America will not defend it.

It would be wrong for me to label everyone on the left a liberal. Liberals are different from leftists. They are not extremists. This Gabbard lady running for President is what I would refer to as a liberal. She can reason, and I believe she would find a way to compromise with Republicans (that is a good thing.) However, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashid Talib, and Ilhan Omar are cases for extremism. It’s their way or the highway. There are several Republicans who fit in the same category.

The party of John F. Kennedy is no more. Democrats are so far gone, there may well be no coming back from it. Every insane, radical idea is accepted as truth. Even the truth is watered down to where now “you must speak YOUR truth.” Newsflash, there is only THE truth, not your truth. Every day it seems the left gets further and further from reality. It seems to me the goal is to tell the lie enough times until people accept it as truth. You may put sprinkles on (name something nasty here) but it won’t turn it into a cupcake. However, in this modern society telling the truth has become revolutionary.

We must find our way back to the middle ground, where both parties can present a reasoned solution and then work out the details for the betterment of said society. Unfortunately, this will never happen. America has lost her way, and only the Grace of the Almighty can save us now. Because our elected officials has shunned everything righteous. The insane, asinine, and wacky is called good, and good is called evil.

It is upon us to stem the tide of radicalization and elect people with common sense. Otherwise, we should prepare for the worst.

19 October 2019

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