Musings about peace….

Intermingled in my feelings about my life, love and other objects of disdain, I find myself filled with hope. I posted yesterday about a friend of mine who has cancer but has found joy in his storm. No, he is not pleased he has cancer, but he is at peace with how he has lived his life. He feels ready to meet his Maker. What a tremendous feeling this must be, to know beyond a shadow of a doubt he is ready to be judged for his life. I can’t find the words to convey the message I am trying to send.

Let me try again.

Some would say I have a pessimistic outlook on life, love and other topics. When I visited my friend yesterday, I realized that none of the crap listed means anything if my soul is not right to meet my Maker. Sure, I want to live a good life, to have success in the endeavors I undertake. It would be nice to find someone who chooses me to be their garage sale buddy for the rest of our lives, but let’s face it…Anyway, there is a Scripture that reads: “What does it profit a man, if he should gain the whole world and lose his soul?” Well, if you spend all your time searching for things to make this life good, and no time feeding your spiritual man, then I would say it profits nothing worthwhile.

Now, I don’t want to be so spiritually minded that I am no earthly good, however, there is a time and place for all things. Spiritual matters, matter.

While I am hesitant to get too heavy handed with this topic, peace is a worthy endeavor. If you should die tonight and wake up tomorrow would you be filled with dread or joy? It really is this simple. My friend knows his time is short on this earth, but he also knows his name is written in the Book of Life. When God desires to take him home, he will be ready. He loves his family, but…. pardon me for a moment.

To be loved here in the physical world is special. There is no feeling which can replicate the emotion generated by shared love and passion. However, if I never experience it again, I want to go to Heaven. I don’t really care about life here on earth, but I want to throw my arms around my Savior. If I never get chosen to make someone happy, I am glad my Savior chose me. When it is my time to face the Reaper, I want to have the peace my friend has.  To know that the Lord will say to me, “Welcome home son, your troubles are through.”

17 October 2019


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