Pretty liars, itchy ears and an unpopular President….

This morning, I was using my phone to research cancer and I decided to scoot over to Facebook to see what was happening in the world today. A friend posted a meme of a water container full of change, and it stated pennies had been thrown into the container every time President Trump told a lie, the punch line was that they had only started two hours ago. I laughed but then the thought occurred to me, where were all these people when their choice for president was lying to them?

It didn’t matter then, because they liked what he was selling.  It didn’t matter, because he was their choice.

President Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama may go down as the most beloved and popular couple in American history. Every time President Obama lied (you can keep your doctor for example) no one held him accountable. The media covered his tracks, the civil right leaders of today (Jackson, Sharpton, etc.) excused his lying, I’m sorry, his misspeaking. When Obama was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, no one said anything. When guns were being sold to the Mexican Cartels did anyone say anything? Nope. When pallets of money were given to Iran to further their nuclear program, where were these people screeching for transparency? I suppose they had better things to do. When illegals were being put into cages at the border, where was the media? When Obama was blaming President George W. Bush for everything going wrong, no one uttered a word.

See, if your popular and well spoken, then the sky is the limit for you. The masses will eat the lies right out of your hand, every misstep will be covered up and every excuse made for you. When people disagree with you, the media will label you a racist. When you’re unpopular and won’t lie down like a whipped dog, these same people will hurl accusations, lies, slander and call for attacks on your family. Because, everyone hates an unpopular liar.

President Trump will go down in history as the most vilified president to ever hold office (to this point). The media has gone to great lengths to slander, lie and outright attack this president.  There is not another President, alive or dead, that has been treated with such disdain. All of this has happened because Trump will not allow himself to be controlled by the corporations and media outlets. Sure, he has said some off the wall things. He has acted out when people target his family, would we do any less?

In the end, none of it matters. Because come November 2020, people will vote for the person who tells them what they want to hear- lie or not.

16 November 2019

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