Musings about men and women…a random post.

“All men are dogs! They only want one thing!”


I have heard this generalization more than I care to remember. It seems a few of the women I know have had bad experiences, and most of them (save a couple of them) have placed all men into the same category of lustful beasts. We men are guilty of making a similar assumption of lady folk. As Rodney King stated, “can’t we all just get along?”  Perhaps, it is too much to ask we all find a way to calm the tension between our sexes. After all, the media and other individuals/corporations have invested so much into creating said tension.

God created both male and female and when He was done, He proclaimed His creation was good. Now, I am a backwoods redneck who doesn’t understand big words often, but if it is good enough for the Almighty God, why wouldn’t it be good enough for me? There is enough trouble in the world, why would we take it upon ourselves to fight over the “goodness” of the other gender? It could have something to do with those individuals who constantly berate men/women folk for imagined slights. Or not.

Of all my talents and gifts, I still can’t speak as a woman (because of my gender.) I can speak about issues we men face because I am a male. Us men, for all our troubles, are mostly a good lot. There are a few bad apples, but this fact alone doesn’t mean all men are evil. We don’t sit in our towers and plot our evil scheme hatchery. Nor do we kick puppies for thrills and giggles. Mostly, we get up and go to work, on the odd occasion when we have down time, we like to play hard.  Then it is right back to work. We do our best to be good fathers (again, not all men are peers, some are deadbeat dads) and try to provide a stable environment for our children to grow up in. Even when our marriages fail, we still try to be a good dad. For the most part, men have been taught to treat women with respect and dignity, and to protect them if need be. Many men serve in the military and some even do the full twenty to secure their retirement. Some would even say they are securing the future of their family. Men are usually simple to please. Talk to us, feed us, and tell us we are loved. That about sums it up. 

So, why are all men dogs?

Men who mistreat women are not men, they are insecure little boys who can’t or won’t be satisfied with what they have. They choose to play games with their significant other’s feelings or choose to cheat on their spouse. In no way do they represent all men. If I were to paint a broad generalization like this, I would simply say female porn stars are representative of all females, do you see why your generalization is wrong? We get nowhere casting stones at each other. Instead of us correcting our deficiency, we label each other and go on the attack. This behavior needs to end. We are stronger together than we are apart.

Let’s take care of each other.

3 October 2019

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