The difference between sheep and sheepdogs…

This is my second post on the significance of the 2nd Amendment in the past couple of weeks, I must be getting fearful in my old age. Yes, I know the government only wants to protect the children (sarcasm intended). In Iraq, we always told the locals not to worry, we are your friends from the government. Why am I writing about the 2nd Amendment again? I suppose it has to do with people lining up to decry the violence in the world, and how they assume destroying the right to bear arms will result in a utopian society. Every country, nation or state that has given up their right to defend themselves has fallen victim to a tyrannical government. Germany, Cambodia, China, Russia and North Korea are a few examples I can name from my lack of sleep addled brain.

Are people so dumb they think it will not occur here in America?

It is so easy to see the truth; I find it hard to believe people miss it. First, the anti-gun crowd know they can’t take the guns from law abiding citizens. They throw out words like ban or confiscation, but what they really want is for us to make certain concessions. The more concessions we make, the more they whittle down the 2nd Amendment. The more they whittle, the closer we get to losing our right to bear arms. First, they came for the automatic rifles. Then it was certain modifications, high capacity magazines, and now we are up to “red flag” laws. We have made concessions to the point they can take certain people’s guns if they meet certain pre-requisites. “Think of the children!” Why don’t you think of the children the next time you decide to spout off about how it’s a woman’s right to have an abortion.

Allowing the government to decide if certain people can own weapons is a slippery slope, one that leads to ruination. The government can’t sustain itself without increasing taxes to the point our businesses pick up and leave the country, why would we allow them to tell us who has the right to bear arms? Across the entire spectrum of news media there are daily examples of an out-of-control government. From spending to taxes, to infringing upon our rights, the government is too big to fail (until it does). The right to bear arms is the only thing keeping the government in check. We no longer have politicians who operate off of the common sense principle. Every idiot in Washington has forgotten (or doesn’t care) how to compromise. Our rights are not for sale.

Allow me to follow the anti-gun crowd logic for a moment. IF I give up my guns, the criminals will give up their weapons also. Crime will cease to exist. Mass shootings will no longer occur, and America will become a land of happy people once again. Let’s see if I can find an example to see if this type of logic is incorrect. London, England banned handguns and rifles. Now they have an almost epidemic crime wave where people stab each other in the streets, and when they can’t stab you, they drive into the crowds with vehicles. Australia also banned guns. If I am not mistaken, last year they had a mass shooting which involved several people. For every mass shooting, people want to ban guns. Yet, no one ever mentions the evil which is hidden in the heart of humanity.

Taking weapons away from law abiding citizens will not curb violent crime. Bring back the death penalty, start killing violent criminals again and watch these mass shootings stop occurring. Instead of finding them insane, placing them in cushy hospital rooms and making them famous for committing such heinous acts, broadcast a couple of executions so these lunatics can see the price for harming our children. Don’t infringe upon our right to defend ourselves and turn us into potential victims by disarming citizens who haven’t committed any crimes. Punish the criminal for committing the crime, not our citizens for owning weapons.

Yes, it is tragic to witness mass shootings and seeing children be harmed by some psychopath who has had every excuse made for his madness. “Oh, the poor dear was oppressed. They were never given the same chances as (name a person to blame here) kids…)” If we do not wake up, our rights will be gone, and we will have no one to blame for it but ourselves.

In conclusion, here is a question. Do you know what you can do to a disarmed slave? The answer is simple, anything you want to. What are they going to do, throw rocks at you? No one can throw a rock at 3100 feet per second. We need to wake up.

27 September 2019

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