Apathy, choices and a quote by Malcom Reynolds….

“If I wanted something bad enough, there is no force in the ‘verse that could keep me from it”-Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Serenity.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Captain Reynolds is wrong. This quote is from the movie Serenity. I don’t want to spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it but to put it in context, it has to do with romance. To wit, if you haven’t seen Serenity, you should check it out. Captain Reynolds must have never heard of apathy. The definition of apathy is a lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern. How does this definition help Captain Reynolds or anyone in the sense of romantic interludes? It doesn’t if it applies to them, however, when it is applied to the person they are interested in, then it is a brand-new ball game.

You can love someone until the cows come home, but if they won’t receive it, you might as well pee on an electric fence. Just because you show interest, concern and enthusiasm, doesn’t mean it will be reciprocated. All to often, the reverse happens. This example is from my experience: I loved someone for many years, but their heart was unable to receive it for whatever reason. The more I tried, the worse it became. Mentally, I made every excuse for her. “She needs time” or “One day, I will be enough. All I have to do is hold on.” I did. She stood in my yard and told me point blank I wasn’t enough. As bad as it hurt, I respect her for finally telling me. While her words hurt my pride, the worst pain came from me holding on to someone who wanted nothing from me. In this example, I was my own worst enemy. This is a fact which holds true today.

Through the years, I have been told it is impossible to make someone love you. Nor can you make them accept you for who you truly are. Apathy is a poison that seeps into the spirit and influences how we feel about every aspect of our lives. It doesn’t just apply to love; it tints everything in its venom. You can run from your emotions, or you can master them. You can shut down emotionally and be safe from the hurt which may or may not occur, and in the process miss out on things which could be beneficial to your stability. Life is a series of events and choices, not making a choice is still a choice you made.

In conclusion, whether you live life or merely pass from this world to the next, you made the choice.

23 September 2019

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