Fairy tales and chemical reactions….

As a young man, I would dream of finding the right lady to share my hopes and dreams with. “I will build her a house, treat her like royalty and we will live happily ever after.” I dreamed of being a good man, loyal, tough, rugged, and faithful. She would be intelligent, beautiful, witty, charming and faithful. Together, there would be nothing we could not accomplish.  Our children would grow up to be productive adults who would shower us with grandchildren. We would grow old together and sit on the front porch and reminisce about the “good old days.” Alas, it is not to be.

Fairy tales always begin with such fluff. Reality is a bit rougher around the edges.

There is nothing wrong with dreams, we all need to have a vision of what our life could be. With hard work, determination, and a few lucky breaks, it is even possible to achieve a modicum of success. However, in the romantic department, you need a lot more than these virtues to be successful. You can work your butt off, live a life of discipline, be the epitome of determination and sheer will, and still fail. It matters not if you have the perfect match, or that you broke the scales of compatibility. You can still suffer heartache. In love, your partner is vital to your success and if they will not match your effort, vision or determination to work through the issues, you will fail constantly.

It is cliché to spout that love stinks, but if the shoe fits….

Mysteries abound in the universe, and there is no greater mystery than love. Many people envision a life with their one true love, very few succeed in achieving the happiness we all dream of.  What is the root cause of failure in the arena of love? Is it our nature? Are we designed to fail often when we try to make a relationship work? The list of questions abound, but the answers are in short supply. Radio Shack had an advertisement back in the day, it was, “you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!” Be that as it may, there is no Radio Shack for love. Rather, love is an experiment where you must discover the hidden formula and elements for it to work. If you combine the right elements, your experiment will be successful. If you don’t, well, chances are it will create a black hole which will suck the life out of your entire universe.

May the odds ever be in your favor.

21 September 2019

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