Beto and the Second Amendment….

I have avoided writing about Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke and his rallying cry to disarm Americans, but I can’t stand it anymore. To ensure I stay on point, I will do my best to refrain from mischaracterizing Beto. Perhaps I should state up front, I don’t like Beto’s stance on the Second Amendment. Now, let me explain why.

If you ask people what they would do in an emergency, the overwhelming response is, “call 911.” I went to Women’s Self-Defense Institute ( and read an article concerning the response time to a 911 call. According to American Police Beat, the average response time is 10 minutes. Atlanta is the worst of major cities with their time dipping into the 11-12-minute range. Nashville clocks in at 9 minutes. Now here is the scary part: the average criminal/victim interaction takes place in 90 seconds. Read that again.

Do you see why you might want a gun now?

Beto believes if only the military and law enforcement have weapons crime will take a long walk off a short pier. Nothing is further from the truth. What Beto and all the anti-gun crowd will not tell you is this: They have no idea how to take guns from the criminals. Instead, their plan consists of taking guns from law abiding Americans and turning us into sheep for the criminals to victimize. Because I assure you, Beto and the anti-gun politicians are not going to give up their self-defense weaponry or their armed security detail. An armed man/woman is a citizen, disarmed they are slaves.

This post is not meant to scare anyone, nor is it designed to ambush law enforcement. I am sure police are doing all they can to respond quickly to dangerous situations, however, if criminal activity takes place in 90 seconds on average, cutting 8-9 minutes off response time is unrealistic. A bullet fired from a 9mm, which is loaded with full metal jacket hollow point ammunition, travels at 1126 feet per second. This effectively deals with the threat and saves an innocent life in the process.

I know, Beto wants mandatory gun buy back programs in place for AK-47 rifles and AR-15 rifles or as the uneducated would state, “weapons designed to kill people.” Here is the problem with government buy back programs, you may remove X amount of weapons from the street but guess what they are doing with the money. They are buying new weapons, optics, etc. Selling the old crap and buying new weaponry, this is the benefit of a “mandatory” buy back programs. “Oh Freeman, how do you know?” When I was in Iraq, units operated buy back programs and sure enough, here they came with old busted junk. Smiles and handshakes were given, and cash exchanged hands. Then a night or two later, we were getting lit up with crap we had never encountered before. I’m sure it has nothing to do with us paying top dollar for non-firing weaponry.

In conclusion, the Second Amendment is designed so you can protect yourself, your family or other people, if you happen to find yourself in a 90 second interaction with a criminal. It is intended to protect innocent human lives and give you a fighting chance at survival. No amount of shouting, crying, or programs can replace the effectiveness of a good man/woman armed with a weapon when the crap hits the fan. Perhaps, Beto should take another look at the Second Amendment, specifically the part which reads, “shall not be infringed.”

22 September 2019

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