The “loss perspective”…..A Walk in Darkness…

As I write A Walk in Darkness, I often utilize the perspective of loss to convey the destruction I caused in my own life. After all, I lost my marriage, career and health in seven months. However, a story is not complete because we experience loss. Granted, loss may cause us to enter a state of hebetude, but we gradually find our way out of this state. AWID is a tale of redemption, of restoration, and an overcomer. None of us would be who we are today without the trials of life.

It is easy to fall into the trap of believing everything is negative. As I look back, I can see where I came from and the progress I have made since my exit from the inky blackness that once smothered me.  Friends, who have exhibited great loyalty to me is one such positive in my life. There are many other positives, but I will not name them all. Sure, things can be bad, but not every day is a bad day.  In the cluster of my life, there are certain things I wish would work out a certain way, but there is nothing I can do to change what is. If it is out of my hands, why am I worried about it?

This has been a weekend of lessons for me. Some things have been confirmed, other lessons have been a shock, but all of them have been necessary. I can be difficult and dense at times, surely this does not come as a surprise revelation. However, I have always been preferential to laying all the cards on the table and having an honest conversation. Regardless of the circumstances which may arise from such conversations, the “talks” are a positive. It clears the air between the conversationalists and informs them of where they stand in each other’s book. Honest discourse is a must.

While I belabor the point, not everything is a negative. Even my sojourn through darkness had a silver lining. After dumping the “loss perspective” I could see the good things God had placed in my life. I am not an optimist, but through it all I have been blessed with a good church family, friends, and a simple life. Though the road may be rocky, and trials may batter me at times, God is still in control. If he brought me out of darkness not once, but twice, then surely, He will do it again if I need Him to.

Freeman out.

02 September 2019

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