Musings about my dad…

My thoughts the past few days have been scattered. I have been ill, but I have embraced the suck. Excuse my use of military vernacular. However, illness or not, I decided to pen my thoughts concerning my father for this post.

Obviously, my father plays a large role in my life, which is the greatest understatement in the history of understatements. As I look back over my life, my father’s influence can be seen. When my dad had a spare moment, he spent that moment with his sons. If he was working on a project, his sons were right there with him. I could continue listing things my father did that my brother and I did with him, however, let me simply state, my dad invested heavily in his sons.

I am a huge fan of standards; everyone needs a means to measure themselves against. My dad set a very high standard for my brother and I to emulate. To be honest, I don’t know if I will ever attain it. My father is a good man. He didn’t spout hollow locution at his sons, he set the example he wanted us to follow. Yes, my dad is human, thus, he is fallible. However, in my 46 years as his son, I have never seen him give up nor compromise his principles. As I peer hazily over my life (it is 0200 here in North Mississippi) I know of instances where I allowed myself to give up. While my dad may have considered quitting, I never witnessed him quit anything. His will to succeed has seen him through one tough time after another. If I had the fortitude of my father, I could conquer the world.

The older I get, the more I realize how much my father means to me. My dad served in 2/7 Cav in Vietnam, and years later, I followed him into military service. I served with 1/7 Cav in Iraq. I am not one for wanting to impress people, but there are a few that I would like to make proud. My mother and father are at the top of the list. My dad has served as my counselor, confidant, and protector but most of all, he has been my friend. If I could pick my parents, I have no doubt I would have picked the ones I have today.

As my eyes start to droop and the siren song of sleep hums in the tinnitus of my ears, I am glad to have a great dad. One that has supported me throughout every endeavor. Not everyone is blessed with a good dad. Therefore, I think it is important to recognize the dads’ that do stick around, those that work their hands to the bone providing for their children, those who stick it out when all hell has broken loose in their lives. Dads’ are the glue that holds the traditional family together. I am glad that my father did not shun his responsibilities as a father. He molded me into the man I am today.

Freeman out.

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