Thoughts about Trump….

A few moments ago, I was cruising the headlines on Facebook, and I noticed where a man from Ethiopia commented about President Trump. I have lost his comment, so I will summarize his statement. In his opinion, America has opened itself up for disrespect by electing President Trump. This of course is a matter of perspective. Yet, it never ceases to amaze me how many people across the world has an opinion on America and its leaders. They are entitled to their opinion; however, this bothers me. I don’t criticize the leaders of places like France, Canada or England. Their issues must be corrected by their leadership, me interjecting my opinion does not help solve the issue. I am aware it is human nature to rattle on about things we don’t understand. However, discarding the effort the current President has made while he has been in office is asinine.

President Trump voices his opinion on everything, in no way does he show restraint when it comes to him spouting his opinion. Sure, this could be viewed as disrespectful, but whom among us has never voiced our opinion about things which do not concern us? It doesn’t matter the subject, we as people tend to put our nose where it doesn’t belong and opine about these subjects. President Trump is no different. To act like it is abnormal for him to give in to human tendencies is hypocritical. If we can voice our opinion, why can’t he? Sure, he is the President and he should act presidential, but after three years of non-stop slander of him and his family, one must ask if maybe the media and the far left has not made this an issue.

Yes, I am aware he was using Twitter far before he came President of the United States.

It is human nature to focus on the bad and give little recognition to the good. However, President Trump has done several good things for this country. The most obvious is the economy and the return of jobs in the manufacturing industry. Unlike other Presidents’ I could name, he didn’t make excuses as to why the economy was in the crapper, he rolled up his sleeves and pushed an agenda which cut taxes on corporations and put Americans back to work. Because of his efforts and leadership, the economy has hit all-time highs, something the last three Presidents has been unable to do. Yes, he is rude and crude. He runs his mouth when he should shut up, but given the current state of the economy, and the campaign promises he has tried to keep, I am all in. Let him talk, I don’t care.

As the main representative of my country, there are several things I would like to see him change and do better. However, let’s face the truth, the media hates him, and they will not cover him fairly. Therefore, he will continue to dog the media and run them to earth. It hasn’t changed in three years, and I don’t see it changing in the future. If he is re-elected, the cry from the far left will be deafening. The media will continue its all-out assault on him and do everything it can to hinder him from progressing any further. Far-left radicals such as Maxine Waters, and AOC, Talib and Omar, will shout impeachment threats while working tirelessly to undo the good things he has done. Being President is not a popularity contest, and sometimes, it requires people who are willing to get in the mud and fight dirty to lead us into the light. Do I agree with everything he has said and done? No, but where was Obama, Bush and Clinton when the economy was in the gutter? The three of them did nothing to staunch the bleeding, they made it worse.

I don’t think Trump has hurt America’s image any more than any other President has. Anyway, this is my opinion on the matter.

Take care,


26 August 2019

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