Day three….

Day three of my recovery is not going well.

My pain seems to be spreading throughout my lower jaw. The fever is back, I beat on it with antibiotics and Percocet. So far, nothing is working. “Day three is always the toughest” my mom tells me. It has proven to be true. I sleep fitfully, sometimes an hour, other times ten minutes. I am sure this will be a boon for my sleep schedule when the pain disappears.

Thinking has been a chore. Writing is not easy when the medication is flooding my body. I have several half-written blog posts on my computer. I suppose if I ever get around to writing A Walk in Darkness, I will have another novel to write called The Percocet Diaries.

I hope this finds you all doing well. I am going to try to slay this fever demon.

Freeman out.

23 August 2019

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