An encounter with the Reaper….

Today, I thought I was a goner.

My surgery was today and as the nurse and doctor prepped for the procedure, I was given a series of shots to deaden the pain. Normally, this is no problem. However, for some reason today, I had a reaction to the medication. My heart raced and I began to sweat profusely. Breathing normally became a chore. As I sat in the chair, it seemed my time on Earth had come. “The Reaper is at the door! Are you prepared to meet your Maker?”

I’m not ready.

I closed my eyes and focused on breathing. Each ragged breath seemed to push me closer to the broad expanse known as eternity.  “God please have mercy on me. I do not want to die in the dentist chair.” Gradually, I was able to breath somewhat normally, and the procedure was completed. Currently, I am resting in my recliner, but the horror of knowing my soul is not right or as right as I would like it to be, bothers me. Death comes for us all, but the realization of the finality of it put the fear of God in me today. I have survived combat, and never once did I give it anything more than a casual thought. It seems I have had a come-to-Jesus moment, and I need to do more than be a causal Christian.

Take care,


20 August 2019


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