Afternoon showers….

I am astounded by the natural beauty of Mississippi.

Today, the sun shines beautifully through the lush green leaves of the sweet gum and poplar trees that stand in my front yard.  The leaves are a deep green that is nigh indescribable.  At 1430, the clouds grow dark and the rumbling of far off thunder sounds to the east of my cabin. “Here we go again.” For the better part of this summer, there has been an afternoon shower. I walk out onto my porch to my favorite rocker, and I wait for the cloud burst. It doesn’t take long for the heavens to open and send the deluge to the earth.

Under the tin roof, the pounding rain sounds like cannon fire. “Mother Nature is practicing her drums.” The 50-foot pines bend and sway in the breeze, the oak and black walnut trees stand firm against the oppressive onslaught of rain. A ferocious roar of thunder shakes my cabin, and the crack of nearby lightning makes me decide to head for the shelter of my abode. Water streams off the roof, each stream appear to be individual rivers flowing into my flower beds.  As quickly as it appeared the storm quietens and the woods fall into a wet silence. The soft pelt of lingering rain taps out a rhythm on the tin, as the thunder moves west.

As the storm lessens and moves on its way, I head back to my porch to watch Mother Nature bless Mississippi with another shower. We Mississippians may not have much, but this land is blessed with some beautiful sights. All I must do to remind myself of this is look out my front door.


09 August 2019

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