What if….?

What if….

Today was the last day of our time on this planet? As I heard a minister say one time, are we ready to face God or do we need one more prayer meeting?

What if….

The last person we rejected was our one true love? We may never be able to find someone else who wants good things for us.

What if….

The example we set for our kids leads them to ruination. Isn’t it our job to ensure that their lives are wholesome and good?

What if….

This thought has been running through my mind since I woke up this morning. Questions abound when it comes to the uncertainty of life. We postpone certain things because we think there will be time to catch it the next time it presents itself to us. What if we never get the opportunity again?

In no way do I want to make remarks which may seem insensitive in nature or seem to lighten the tragedies of this past weekend, but there are no guarantees our next shopping trip will not be shortened in a hail of gunfire. Our next church service is not guaranteed to be free of violence. What if today is the only day that we get to make sure that our lives are ready to meet the Lord? Or our children know how much we love them and cherish them?

Instead we rush through our lives complaining we don’t have time for this, that or the other. Our focus is only on our next advancement in our careers, the bills that are not payed, the length of the month before we get paid again, or the noise our vehicle is making. At no point do we give the most important things in our life anything more than a passing glance. We hurry by and murmur a brisk apology, “I’m sorry, I promise I will make time for you soon!” and we race down to the next pressing issue.

What if there isn’t a next time?

There is only one certain thing in life, and it is the uncertainty of life. There is no guarantee I will ever finish this post and publish it. What if the greatest blessings of God are never realized because we are too busy to recognize just how blessed we are?

What if our kids follow the example we have set?

Will our children be set up for success or failure? Do our children know what are the most important things in life or did we bring them into the world and leave them to their own vices? Did we spend time with them, instruct them, and ensure they knew that their souls would spend eternity somewhere? If they follow our example without fail, will their lives be happy? As I write this post, I am not sure my kids will have a good life if they follow my example.

What if…

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