So close, so far away….

So close, yet so far away.

These simple words may ultimately be the key to understanding life. You may bask in the glow of true love and never see it reciprocated, you may be in the throes of greatness and never see your dreams fulfilled, you may even achieve a modicum of success and then be stifled from progressing any further.

So close, yet so far away.

In what may be the greatest cosmic practical joke of all time, humanity has been given the gift of free will with limited time to use it. Do you see the joke? We are the masters of our own destiny, our life is crafted and shaped by our choices, and yet our time on this planet is swiftly slipping away. Perhaps the saddest words I have ever heard is this: If I only had more time.

Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor? He has given us life, time, and free will. However, to maintain balance He also implemented a deadline. Then he placed one stipulation on the whole ball of wax. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you spend your entire life accumulating wealth, then you may be unfulfilled in other areas. Or you could spend your life searching for the one person that will bring you fulfillment and then die a pauper.

So close, yet so far away.

At times it is maddening. However, in His perfect will, God knew we would want to sample all that life has to offer, and then we would want to make our choice. Then we would change our minds about our choice and then want a do-over. Perhaps, this is the purpose of the deadline. You only get one shot at life.  Therefore, it is imperative that we make our shot count. There are no do-overs. Thus, we should dream big and never settle for less than what we want out of life. Because one day we all have an appointment with the Reaper.

Dream big, walk boldly, bare your teeth and give it all you have got, because the clock is ticking.

So close, yet so far away.


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