Rules for a pain-free life…..

Freeman’s Rules for a Pain-Free Life

  1. Under no circumstance offer unsolicited advice. No matter your wealth of knowledge on a subject, if they haven’t asked for your help, they don’t need your help. Unless you are being paid for your advice, keep it to yourself.
  2. Never stay in a situation that has no chance of working out in your favor. Be smart enough to walk away.
  3. Never back something in the corner that is meaner than you are.
  4. Fight only as a last resort. If violence must occur, be vicious and fight dirty. End the situation quickly.
  5. Leave a small imprint. Big mouths make big targets.
  6. Here are a few others that are worthy of mention: I learned recently to not purchase anything that is not guaranteed. Why waste the effort if there are doubts? Never go out with a bang, leave like a whisper. Burn bridges: if someone shows you how little they care, believe them. Take a wait-and-see approach to everything. Never invest too much into people, they are human just like you.

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