Reasons for not revisiting A Walk in Darkness….

Why have I not written A Walk in Darkness? To be honest, it takes more strength to write it than I can muster most days. Re-visiting the dark days of my past taxes me mentally. Emotionally, my spirit still bears the scars from many of the mistakes that launched me into the darkness.

However, I had a precious friend ask me today why I hadn’t written the story. As listed above, it is very taxing. There are days when I almost feel whole, healed even, then I revisit the past and suddenly I am the broken man that I was in 2011-12. It takes me a while to build up the strength to confront the man that I was and be the man that I am today. For those who would question if I have changed, the answer is a resounding yes. Thanks to time, church, and the Spirit of the Holy Ghost, I am in a much better place than I was in the past.

I have decided to finish A Walk in Darkness. The Good-bye Girl will have to wait until I perfect A Walk in Darkness. When it is complete, I will post it on my blog. Stay tuned, and we will see what happens.


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