Random musings about treason….

I watched a couple of movies yesterday evening, and I find myself consumed with this burning desire to throat punch a traitor. Both movies dealt with deceit and treason. The first movie dealt with it in a straightforward fashion, but the second movie left me feeling like treason was an acceptable course of action, if one does it for the right reasons. This made me start thinking about treason, and how it is viewed today.

The second movie I watched was The Pagan King. At about the halfway point, you find out that someone has betrayed the king and his people. The last half of the movie you constantly hear about the traitor. Then when the king finds out who the traitor is, the writers of the movie decide not to deal with the treasonous piece of garbage. He is kicked out of the club and sent to the people whom he worked his deceit for. When the climax of the movie hits, he is wandering around lost in the sauce, then you never see him again. He is not executed. He just left…poof! Gone!

At the end of the movie, I was left feeling like the king was okay with his fellow man betraying him and his people because the traitor was attempting to save them all. I wonder when Benedict Arnold was caught spying for the British, if anyone stood up and declared, “Ole Benedict is alright, this one time we shared a beer together and he cracked jokes all night!” Or if someone made a statement akin to this: “Well, he did it for the right reasons!” Somehow, I seriously doubt that anyone thought it was ok for Arnold to betray his country.

As a soldier we were drilled on how to conduct ourselves in front of our enemies if we were ever captured. Hanoi Jane was an example of how not to act. John Kerry was also an example of how not to repay your country for the freedom that you have been given. Both examples are at its worst treasonous, and at its least mind-numbingly stupid. Hanoi Jane is straight up treason, instead of passing the messages to the American commanders, she gave them to the POWs captors. Then…I apologize, I have gone down a rabbit trail.

In our society today, treason is just an empty word that is tossed around like free candy. If you were found guilty of treason (prior to this emotionally sensitive America), it carried the stiffest of all penalties which of course is death. However, treasonous acts occur almost daily and if we were to correct it, I seriously doubt there would be many politicians left. For those who have no idea what treason is, it is simply the betrayal of your country. How many politicians do you think sell out America, and American influence daily? Why do you think so many become lobbyists after their terms in the House of Representatives or the Senate? It is quite literally Star Wars played out in real life.

I forget who said it, but they stated that America would never be taken over by her enemies but would be destroyed from within. We are watching it happen before our very eyes. Law-breaking is hardly punished at all, pedophilia is excused as a mental disorder, other abnormal behavior is socially accepted, abortion is praised, and good is called evil. Our politicians do what is best for their bank accounts and the welfare of the nation is not given a second thought. However, for all the evil that has seeped into the roots of this great country, we are still the most blessed. God has shown favor to America for the goodness that we have shown to others. May He continue to bless and keep us.

Freeman out.

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