Change your focus…

This morning, I was checking out different things on Pinterest when I came upon a meme that I decided to add to my Facebook story. It simply stated, that some people would rather focus on what they lost, than focus on what they could gain. I agree with this, and I have been doing that myself recently. Therefore, I will craft my blog around this simple thought: Change your focus.

Nutritionists would say that you are what you eat, psychologists would state that you are what you think. This backwoods hillbilly thinks you are what you focus on. Loss comes to us all, and there must be time to grieve over the pain that comes from the loss. However, if you focus on what you have lost, then you will never move on to a better place. There are no deadlines that you should meet for each stage of grief, nor is there a timeframe where you should be strong enough to move on, but if you never change your focus from what hurt you to what you could gain, you will lie in the dirt and continue to bleed.

It is my opinion when God made life, he made it to be an arena where we battle for the life that we seek. If what you are craving costs you nothing, then you will never appreciate it. It is only through trials and tribulations that we gain a sense of accomplishment. A knight in shining armor has never had his mettle tested. Somedays, we wish life would be easy, but it is only weariness speaking into our minds. If we maintain focus on our goals, we accomplish them. When we focus on what we could gain, and work diligently toward that end, good things will happen for us.

A defeatist attitude brings defeat. What is required to overcome the obstacles that life puts in our way is a warrior mentality. “I may not be the strongest, nor the quickest, but I will continue to march and never give up.” Life can be brutal sometimes, but if we continue to push, eventually we will overcome. Be strong in your conviction, be adaptable to your situation, and overcome the things that seek to hold you back. Good things come to those who consistently do the right thing and refuse to back down.

Take care,


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