Waiting on a sign from God…is it a ruse or a lack of desire to live your life?

Okay, let me clarify my position this morning. As a Christian, I find it irritating that people refuse to live their lives because God did not provide them with a sign. For instance, let’s say you are offered a new job that pays the same as the one you currently have. However, you are unsatisfied with your current employment. Do you take the new job and start again? Are you waiting for a sign from the Almighty before you make your move? Do you realize that God does not work this way?

I am aware that there are multiple examples of signs that were provided to people in the Bible. However, God is not going to come to Earth and tell you who to date, who to marry, where to work, or what to have for lunch. Please understand, I am not mocking those who believe in signs and wonders. The Bible does have a Scripture that states: These signs will follow those who believe…My problem is with those whom refuse to take any responsibility for their lives and want to put the ownership on God.

When I was in the Army, I served with a commander who was all about signs. Instead of signing leave forms, she would pray over them. When the guidon disappeared, we were told not to worry about it, God would tell her where the guidon had gone. As time went by, the more insane things became. In the end, she was removed from her command, and things went back to normal.

Do I believe that God can provide signs? Absolutely. Why then do I have an issue with this mentality?

Most of my problem with this mentality originates from my days as a young boy who went to a church that thrived on signs. “God will tell you or your pastor who you should marry.” I was told God had deemed me to be a certain young woman. I quickly stated it wasn’t happening. It’s not that I doubt that God can provide signs. He is Almighty God, and nothing is impossible with Him. However, when He created us, He gave us a brain. I believe He expects us to use it.

It seems to me that people look for any excuse to relinquish control of their lives, passing the responsibility off on God is just another excuse. “I don’t want to miss the will of God for my life, so I am going to wait on Him.” For certain things that is fine, but He placed a pastor in our lives to direct our steps. Your sign may come in the form of a message. More often than not, it will come from the man or woman of God who watches over your soul. However, God is not going to force you to accept it. You must accept the blessing that He has provided you.

Can you imagine what might have happened if Rahab had waited for a sign in the city of Jericho? Instead, she took it on blind faith that God would be with her and her household and helped the spies. What if Ruth had waited for a sign? Or Joshua? There is safety in waiting, but sometimes you must take it on faith that God is a man of His word.

I am going to quit preaching now.

Freeman out.

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