Alabama’s controversial law concerning punishing pedophiles…

Today, I read an article where the Governor of Alabama signed a bill making pedophiles get chemical castration as the penalty for their crime. Naturally, those opposing the bill call it inhumane, and controversial. It is my opinion that the bill does not go far enough. Allow me to explain my viewpoint.

When a child is molested or raped, they are traumatized for life. No amount of therapy will wipe away the feeling of uncleanliness that a victim of these crimes feel for the rest of their lives. It is impossible to put into words what the victims feel. However, the crime perpetrated upon them affect everything in their lives. Given the broad impact these crimes have on the victims, chemical castration seems like a gift to those who visit such heinous acts upon innocent children.

Personally, I believe that pedophiles should be executed.

In today’s society, which seems to have gone mad, innocent life is not protected, nor is it valued. City after city, state after state, the lawmakers of these places pass the most ridiculous laws allowing for the murder of innocent life.  So, it is nice to see a state take a stand for the most innocent among us. California was one of the first states to pass chemical castration as a punishment, but it can only be used for repeat offenders. Exactly how much trauma are you allowed to inflict on a child before you are punished?

God cherishes children. Therefore, it is my opinion, that the Almighty is severely displeased with the state of the world today. Of all the people that should be protected, at the top of the unwritten list should be children. Yet, every year millions of innocent babies are sacrificed upon the altar of irresponsibility. I whole-heartedly approve of this measure to punish those who would alter the life of children due to their unnatural lust. Good job Alabama! May God bless you for your efforts to protect our children.

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