Live bravely…

“Sometimes life doesn’t become better; you just become tougher with each trial that you go through. The key is to remain pliable and softhearted without giving in to bitterness.” These words formed in my mind Sunday morning during church. A Scripture reads, “man born of woman is of few days and full of trouble.” It is almost like God is giving us a forewarning that trouble is part of the human experience. Every day, we each walk through some form of trouble. The days when it seems that we have life by the horns are far and few between.

I call my sojourns through troubled waters A Walk in Darkness. It is during these periods of loneliness, heartache, and loss that I find myself wondering if I am the problem or is it just life kicking me in the teeth once again. Often, it is a combination of the two. My wants and desires sidetrack me into situations where life can do its thing. Sometimes it seems like a team effort. Rarely, is it just life having its way with me.

At one of my darkest moments, my mother brought me a magnet. It simply said that if you can’t make it one day at a time, take it by the hour. If you can’t make it by the hour, take it by the minute. The key is to take it one step at a time. If you don’t revert to the past you, it’s progress. Living bravely sometimes consist of taking that one step that scares you. A soldier on a forced march starts their journey with a step (on their left foot, your left, right, left.) No one expects you to put it all together in one day, but we do expect you to try.

This blog will be short today, but I would like to encourage you all to be brave. Live dangerously, take chances, go with the flow and see what good things await you beyond the fear that clouds your vision.

Take care,


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