The goodbye girl…

Slurping on a milkshake, Chrissy meanders through the shopping lanes of Office Depot looking for items to put in her classroom.

“Ma’am can I help you find something?”

Looking up she sees Sam Jones smiling at her. She wipes her mouth with her free hand and giggles.

“Hey Sam! Sorry, I was working on this shake.”

“And what a fine shake it is.”

Blushing at the double innuendo, Chrissy looks down unsure what to say.

” Mrs. Chrissy if you do me the honor, would you join me for coffee tomorrow evening? We can meet at Stewart’s Coffee Shop. Say six tomorrow evening?”

“Just for coffee Sam?”

“Yes ma’am. Kinda like a get to know you meeting.”

“Sure Sam. I will see you at 6 tomorrow.”

Smiling broadly, Sam spins around and heads for the exit. Chrissy grins and heads down the aisle. The speakers softly play Walking on Sunshine as she continues to shop.

I’m walking on sunshine and it’s time to feel good…

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