The good-bye girl….

“It’s not you, it’s me. Or maybe it’s you. Either way, I ‘m not sticking around!”

Chrissy’s pale blue eyes flashed, momentarily providing a glimpse of the storm that was pounding in her heart.


“Look Chrissy, you are a good person. I enjoy being married to you. I found someone who is better, you should see it as I am upgrading! Now you are free to upgrade too!”

The storm breaks. Tears flow freely down her cheeks as her brown hair falls around her soft face.

“I don’t understand Erik. How long has this been going on? Why aren’t I enough for you?”

Erik’s white teeth flash a sinister grin. “It’s not you, it’s me. You shouldn’t ask questions like that Chrissy. You won’t like the answer! However, since you asked, we have been together from the first week we got married.”

Shock and anger flood through Chrissy. Pulling herself to her full height, she steps in Erik’s direction. Her blue eyes show fury and a tiny vein appears by her left eye. Her voice raspy, she points at the door.

“Get out!”

Erik smiles. “Why not? I have a new toy at home. By the way, we can still see each other on the side. I do like you Chrissy. We had many good moments in the bedroom. I would hate to discontinue that aspect of our former marriage.”

The flung iron nearly takes his head off.

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