Political insanity…Someone’s been drinking the special Kool-Aid.

There have been a couple of political debates this week to showcase the talent of those running for the highest office in America. It has been a doozy so far. The pandering to illegal immigrants has been nothing short of amazing. First, there was the butchering of the Spanish language on the first night. Do these folks not realize that English is the predominant language spoken in America? It’s the native language for God’s sake. Are they running for President/Dictator/Monarch of some other country and stopped here for a publicity tour? No, they aren’t. They must be sipping on some special something to act in such a manner.

Then last night happened. Every candidate included in the race for Master of the Universe stated that illegal immigrants would be granted health insurance under their health care plans. At what cost would this be implemented? No one knows, but the last time someone (AOC) touted this special slice of idiocy it had a hefty price tag on it (in the trillions of dollars if I am not mistaken). Does the pandering to illegal immigrants cease at any time? “We have a plan to charge our base up and get them out to vote in droves!”  It is almost laughable. The only thing illegal immigrants should get in this country is deportation. Will no one call illegal immigration a criminal act? “Telling the truth will polarize the voting base!” Illegals can’t vote in this country, let me rephrase my statement, they aren’t supposed to vote in this country, voting is a right of citizens not criminals.

Somehow with each new election more illegals vote. The voice of Americans are stifled and lost in the shuffle of the footfalls of illegal immigrants crossing the border. Four years of hysteria from the media and opposing politicians has paved the way for this to occur. Lie upon lie has been spouted as truth, secret plans of impeachment has been uncovered and we are expected to believe that the media is unbiased in its coverage of the current president and his administration. “He sexually assaulted a woman twenty years ago! He cheated on his wife! He had sex with a porn star!” Where is the evidence that he assaulted this woman twenty years ago? Is this another Blasey-Ford accuse and destroy mission? As far as him cheating on his wife and having sex with a porn star, I don’t care. It isn’t my marriage he is ruining.

In America we are expected to be smart enough to operate the equipment to keep the rich in power but dumb enough to follow the masses. Be careful when following the masses, the “m” is silent. One would think that in an enlightened society we would understand the acceptance of criminal activity and behavior destroys our way of life. Allowing mass immigration into this country and bestowing “rights” upon them like they are citizens opens the flood gates to a new plethora of issues. Our infrastructure can’t handle the load.

I digress.

Freeman out.

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