A proud American….

As a proud American, the 4th of July is a sacred holiday for me. It is the birthday of the greatest nation in the world. I have lived in the Middle East and in Europe, and there is nowhere I would prefer to live other than America. This land that I cherish stands as a beacon of hope and a shining example of what guts, determination, and hard work can accomplish.

America is a land that was forged out of the iron will of men who preferred dangerous freedom over silent acceptance of tyranny. They dreamed of a land where they could practice personal and religious freedom without fear of governmental oversight and regulation. The Founding Fathers believed in their idea to such a degree that they were willing to die for it. War came to the fledging country, and these men stood their ground. They sacrificed their livelihood, their lives, and their dreams on the hope that this country would be unlike any other.

In the aftermath of the war, they took care to frame a Constitution that would provide rights to their citizenry. These are comprised of rights that had been denied them back in their home country. With the creation of each right, personal and religious freedom was ingrained into the fabric that this country is composed of today. To this day, the Constitution of our country has been imitated by other countries. However, they have never been able to imitate every freedom granted by our Constitution.

What separates our country from every other nation on earth are these rights which are cherished by the citizens of our country. To list every right would take to long, so I will point out a few of the most important ones that stick out in my mind.

The freedom of speech allows for the free exchange of ideas and thoughts. This right covers our opinions which runs the gamut of both spectrums (both positive and negative). Our media services are free to pursue truth and to broadcast it and publish its findings. Citizens can peacefully protest their government. This right is one of the most important which is granted by the Constitution.

The right to bear arms is another important right (in my mind it’s the most important) which allows citizens to protect their way of life, possessions and the lives of their family. Because of the 2nd Amendment, every other right is protected. If there ever comes a day when this amendment is obsolete, the rest of our rights become invalid.

The right to worship the deity of your choosing is also an important right that is granted via the Constitution. If one was to believe that a parasitical life form from the far reaches of deep space was God, they do not need to fear that the government would infringe upon their right to worship it. The freedom to worship or not to worship is a deeply personal freedom that each citizen can freely exercise.

Therefore, it stands to reason that these rights, coupled with the rest of them, makes America the nation that it is today. There is nowhere else on the planet that gives these freedoms to their citizenry. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but imitation is only a secondhand copy of an original. I am proud of my country and I am proud to say that I am an American. May God continue to bless America.

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