Depression, Anxiety, and the Chain Breaker…..

Maybe this will help someone, in some small way. Recently, I have slipped into madness. My mind has been torn asunder by imagined scenarios that have no bearing in the real world.  When I dream my vision is deep, dark and terrible. The worst of all it is the feeling that I am alone.  How can I stand, when the enemy is encamped in my mind?

I wake myself some nights praying that God will deliver me from the thoughts and dreams that plague me. In time, rest finds it way back to me. Prayer is the key. When I feel surrounded by life and its many troubles, I turn to the Rock that is higher than I. My help is not found in the pleasures of the world, it is found in the love and mercy of my Savior.  The winds may blow, my vessel may capsize, but the Hand of God reaches down and pulls me out of the murky waters that threaten to drown me.

For those who do not know anything about me, I once suffered from depression and anxiety. These are tools of the devil that are used to brow beat the Christian into submission if we allow him to do that. I was out of church and did not intend to ever go back. However, God always has a plan (sometimes we delay it, but it is still in effect). It felt like I had no one to turn to. The Army sent me to a therapist to help me get a grip. Her name was Joy. While talking to her helped, I still struggled with depression. I watched in horror as everything that I had built up was ultimately destroyed and taken from me. Depression led me down a dark road and my own mind was used against me. Anxiety and depression led me to contemplate suicide.

Gradually, the sun finally came out in my life. I am not certain that I would classify myself as mentally stable, but I no longer suffer from depression and anxiety. It took one touch from God to snap the chains that had me bound. The mercy of God knows no limits, nor does the love of God. When I feel unlovable, God loves me. When I fall into sin and despair, He rescues me and forgives me. At every important juncture of my life, God has been my friend and support system.

I find it interesting that when you go to a therapist, one of the first things they will ask you is if you have a support system in place. Do you have friends? Does your family live close? Is there someone you can talk to if you start to feel depressed? Jesus fills every need. To every question, He is the answer. To every locked door, Jesus is the key that opens every door. He is the friend that will never leave nor forsake us, He is with us to the ends of the Earth. If you are feeling down, look up! Communicate your need to Him, and watch Him move on your behalf.

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