How do you deal with loneliness?

I am going to attempt to be pleasant tonight. It is going to be difficult, but I will give it my best try.

How do you deal with loneliness?

To understand why I am writing about this tonight, I will explain the situation. A person that I am acquainted with is going through a divorce. In the simplest of terms, he is a tough spot. I can relate to this feeling of loneliness and the need to understand why you are going through these proceedings. I have been asked to provide advice concerning this situation. To give the reader an idea of where I stand, here is my position: I have no advice to offer. I’m not the divorce-whisperer.

My divorce was finalized in 2011. I have been single since then. How do I deal with loneliness? I don’t know, my loneliness is a perpetual state of being. Here is my routine: I wake up alone, spend the day alone, and I go to bed alone. The hours jammed between those three events; I am still alone. Therefore, it could be said that I don’t deal with my loneliness, I am in a relationship with it. If it had a human form, I would probably marry it. I digress.

It is taking all my effort not to allow my jadedness to influence my perspective on this matter (who am I kidding?) Speaking of perspective however, how you deal with loneliness depends on your personality. Some people go on trips, others go to strip clubs and hire women of the night for temporary pleasure. There are multiple ways to deal with all types of things, but in matters of the heart, you can’t deal with the emotions that you are feeling. You must feel them, and then move on.

As sad as it is, we can’t make people love us nor can we make them stay when they decide to walk away. If your “partner” chose to throw in the towel and made the decision for you, then it should be a simple matter of realizing you weren’t the problem (they were). If you made the decision, then at some point you must have felt that your needs weren’t being satisfied or met. Either way, your heart will be broken. It will take time for you to recover from the pain of divorce. There you have it, words of wisdom from a guy that has no idea on how to keep his loneliness at bay.

I don’t mind listening, but offering advice is something that I am trying to  wean myself from doing. Giving advice to individuals is troublesome, especially when it comes to romance in any fashion. If you need advice on trucks, boats, places to dine, or a good book to read, then I am your Huckleberry. When it comes to marriage, dating, loneliness, and other gooey crap connected to the heart, you need to find someone else (preferably someone who has attained some success in this realm). In the end, I suppose it will come out in the wash.

Y’all wish me luck.

Freeman out. 8X

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