Motivation for today….

“Be not afraid. You are a conqueror.”

Good morning to all of you fine folks. The day is still early, but there is no time like the present to achieve your dreams. In my small way, I hope to provide you guys with a little motivation and encouragement this A.M.

The world is full of self-help gurus that can give you the “key” to unlocking your potential. Then these hustlers’ want to charge you a limb or two for the “secret.” I will give it to you for free. Step 1: Envision your success. Step 2: Plan for your success. Step 3: Work your butt off to achieve your success.

To be a success requires vision, planning and a lot of hard work. A dogged attitude of never giving up is also paramount to your success. It is not an easy road to trek, but you must be willing to go where no one else is, do the things that no one else will do, to be better than your competition. You can’t take the easy road to the mountain top. There is no easy road to success.

My father built a retail business out of hard work, determination, and a willingness to suffer a little, to gain a lot. I watched as he out-hustled every person that he worked with. We were playing a game of pick-up basketball in the backyard of my uncle’s house, when my dad tripped over a tree root. He snapped his ankle in half. A couple of hours went by and my dad came home from the hospital with a boot on his foot. At 0230 the next morning he was at work hustling. Yeah, it requires that kind of toughness to build your success.

When I joined the Army, I set a goal to make every rank with a waiver (which means I got promoted early). I went in an E-1, six months later I got my waiver to E-2. Every rank I ever made in the Army; I worked my butt off achieve it. I took the shifts that no one else wanted, did the missions that had no glory attached to it, and when the time came, I did what was necessary for my survival. There was no back down in my pursuit of excellence. In my mind there was no room for second best. Through hard work and vision, I built my reputation for being the go-to guy for my platoon. Every “no-fail” mission had my name attached to it.

There is no limit to your success. You must believe in yourself, dream your success, plan for your success and when the hard work pays off, enjoy the fruits of your labor. I hope that this small blog has provided you with a burst of motivation. Take care.

Freeman out.

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