Today has been frustrating. I woke up early, and my mood thermometer read “not in the mood to deal with stupid people.” It didn’t take long for me to completely lose my Kool-Aid this morning. Regardless of my best effort, life seems to have turned on a dime and nothing is going right. To add to my frustration today, I am currently sitting in a library and my computer refuses to connect to the internet. Therefore, I can’t post to my blog. I suppose I will backlog the material on my external hard drive and take this crap home. A hammer would make this situation all better (for the computer mind you.)

People are full of sage advice. “You don’t know what the future holds for you!” Or my personal favorite: Don’t give up hope! Keep the faith, things will turn out the way that God wills it!” Yes, I am aware that God has a plan, and when we are patient in His timing; things turn out better in the long run. In absolutely no way does that universal truth help me now. Here in the present, my life is being drastically drawn into the life destroying forces of my own black hole (but thanks for the useless advice.)

I know, people are only trying to help. Excuse me while I gripe. Often, people are trying to encourage us or attempting to cajole us into moving past the hurts of today when they provide advice. There is a place and time for advice. According to the Scripture, “there is a place and time for all things.” In the middle of your world being turned upside down is not the time for “keep the faith!” Something like “hold on or BOHICA” would be more appropriate. Of course, this is not the first time that life has dragged me outside and curb-stomped me. However, to be fair to life, most of my troubles are self-inflicted stupidity. There I said it, my biggest hinderance is me.

With such a profound revelation, I am going to tie this up and go home. Apparently, my computer is either on the fritz, or it is completely shot. Either way, I am going to relinquish any hope that today will end on a good note. Instead, I will make me a pizza and take comfort that tomorrow will be a new day (if I survive today.) To end on a positive note, I saw a meme yesterday that made perfect sense. It simply said: Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. Ya’ll take care.

Freeman out.

P.S. Thanks to the Tishomingo Library for allowing me to connect my external hard drive to their computer with no questions asked! Hence my posts.

P.S. Sorry for the multiple posts..

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