America. There is no other land like it. Forged from the hands and iron will of men who were willing to lay down their lives in pursuit of freedom, they created a land that stands as a beacon of hope to people scattered around the globe. America is a shining example of what guts, determination and vision can accomplish when it is mixed with hard work. Throughout the years, America has stood for freedom. What freedom you may ask, let me expound upon the freedoms that so many take for granted.

Americans have the freedom to speak their minds. To expound further on this, we have the right to protest our government, because in America, it is a government for the people and ran by the people (not the politicians). Citizens also have the right to worship the god of their preference. If you believe that a parasitical life form from outer space is god, then you have the right to worship it, without fear that the government is going to infringe on your right to do so. The media is also given the freedom to ask questions and seek the truth regarding any issue. They also have the right to publish or broadcast it.

In America, citizens have the right to own weaponry to protect their possessions and lives. Regardless of how many mass shootings occur, citizens have the right to own guns. It doesn’t matter that the educated elites of the East and West Coast do not like it or think that it looks scary. The Second Amendment is our most important right. Because of the Second Amendment Americans can defend the rest of their rights. To make sure that I am understood, I think that mass shootings are tragic, however, taking away the rights of those of us who have never committed a criminal act will not stop criminals from participating in criminal activity.

Only in America can people disrespect the President, slander his family, and then cry that life is not fair. It is in this country that you can better yourself through hard work and determination, thus, improving your family’s life and status. Then you can cry about how you are oppressed, vilified and held back from your rightful spot at the top of whatever profession you chose to engage in. The Founding Fathers understood that in this country of religious freedom, personal freedom and unlimited potential, the biggest enemy we would face would be our own selves.

Take this crop of younger Americans. They did not grow up under the shadow of the Nazi Party and their jack boot enforced fascism, nor did they grow up when Communism was spreading like wildfire throughout the world. They do not remember the Russian gulags, or the KGB throwing people off the roofs of skyscrapers. Young, modern Americans do not remember the atrocity of Tiananmen Square in China. Given this information (or lack of it) the personal freedom that we enjoy is in greater danger of being eradicated. We have evolved into a society that refuses to accept the basic truth that freedom must be cherished and protected.

Everywhere I look in this “enlightened” society I see decay. The spirit of innovation that was once known as “the American Spirit” is nowhere to be found. Perhaps, the Darwin theory of evolution is correct in some ways. We have evolved, but every time we change into our new skin, we lose part of the soul of this country. Technological advances are constantly evolving and in part we lose our ability to communicate effectively. Medical advances are common place, but we celebrate the murder of innocent lives and call it a choice.

All is not lost. There are people who remember the cost of freedom. It may be popular to be an angry American and to call evil good, but there are those who stand for the flag, stand against the genocide of innocent babies, and who refuse to acknowledge that this nation was not founded upon Christian principles. Throughout the history of this country, we have made mistakes. It is part of the growing process. America has apologized for slavery. We eradicated it. This country has done more for the good of other people and countries than we have done for ourselves. Our homeless go without shelter. The elderly go without medical treatment and security. Veterans that fight for this country are often labeled second-class citizens and are criticized for doing what is necessary so that they can come home. Doing what is necessary is not always the same as doing the right thing.

However, there is a redeeming side to this tale. God has blessed this country to be filled with good people. There are several things that America has done for others. Each time that America has blessed others, God has blessed America. The favor of the Almighty rests upon America. Mistakes are made, but the Grace of God covers a multitude of sin. Of all the countries spread across the globe, America is still the bright shining beacon of hope to those who seek a better life. America is still the land of the free because of the brave. It is my hope that God will continue to bless this country and that we continue to find favor in Him.

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