Laughs have been far and few the past few days. However, today has given me more than I could stand. The internet was out today where I am learning upholstery. Me and my instructor powered on without the net, but when others came in, they were in a state of panic. “Oh my God! We need to call someone!” I continued to put the recliner together. People started to yell at each other, the router was unplugged and plugged back in. “I have the thing that shows which devices are drawing the internet, it’s on! I am on the wifi!” No internet was to be found. Expectantly, they huddled about the router as if they were going to will it to come back on. Forty minutes passed, and no internet was visible. The past due amount was paid, and again they perched about the router. After a half hour passed, they called the internet provider to see what the problem was. Finally, the internet was back, and life went back to normal.

There were several things that are highlighted in the chaos of today.

First, some of these 90’s and 00’s kids are in serious trouble if anything remotely serious happens in our society. I’m not poking fun nor am I trying to start anything, but at some point, your life should consist of goals and some form of advancement. At a minimum, you should have your own place and pay your own way.

Secondly, this situation was told to me today: Some people were making tea. They had no sugar, instead of going to the store and buying sugar, they waited until someone else came home and complained that there was no sugar in the house. Exactly how sorry are you? They had a car and money, what were they doing that was so important that they couldn’t go two miles to get the ingredient they needed to complete the drink they had made? You can’t call and say that we are out of sugar in the house and I need to stop and buy some? Jesus, the freaking phone is in the hands of these people all day.

By no means is it every kid from this time period that is sorry. There are plenty of people from my generation that never lifted a finger to improve or hold down a job. The sad fact is that there is plenty of blame to go around. However, when we all start to die off, if we continue to elect dumb people and set no standards for our children, we are in for a world of hurt.

Well, I am off to find something to get into. Take care.

Freeman out.

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