The cost of freedom.

What is the cost of freedom?

Is it the loss of soldiers’ lives in faraway lands, lost on battlefields that are stained with the blood of innocent human lives in pursuit of some ideological goal? Can the tally be counted in expended ammunition and machinery to win battles in the pursuit of peace?

Does the cost come from the broken marriages and orphaned children on both sides of the conflict? Is the cost in the hours of therapy that is undertaken to help piece together the broken shell of the man or woman who came home from war? Perhaps, the cost is assuaged by the suicide of veterans, who after becoming addicted to the high of combat can’t find solace in alcohol or drugs. Neither can they find peace for their actions in combat. Therefore, they find the only peace they understand in one last bullet.

What is the cost of freedom?

All of this is part of the cost of freedom. It is the shell-shocked veterans who never come home mentally after surviving the horrors of war. Those who fell on the battlefield and were never recovered.  The empty coffins that were buried because no remains were left from the explosion, this is the cost of freedom. It’s the young wife with two children, who doesn’t know how she will provide for her children by herself. The cost of freedom can be counted in the tears of young children who wake up in the middle of the night and doesn’t have a father to hold them and tell them the monsters won’t get them. When the cost is tallied it is a deeply personal cost that is paid for by more than the soldier.

On this Memorial Day weekend, the cost is almost more than I can bear.

God help me.

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