A state of decay seems to be an adequate description of where I am at in my life. This applies both physically and emotionally. I suppose it is part of growing as a person. My body aches, but I am in good health (right up to the moment that I’m not). Emotionally, it’s the same cluster, different day. I have overextended my investment in a few things, and pain lies right around the corner. However, there is nothing that I can do about it but suck it up and drive on. Spiritually, I am right as rain. I press toward the mark.

Decay brings loss. Sometimes to grow we must trim things out of our lives that hinder us from moving forward. It’s not always people. Generally, it is however, I have found that sometimes it is things that keep me from growing as a person. Loss is part of living. It is a crappy part of living, but with no loss there is no appreciation. If you think that I am wrong, then please explain to me why so many artists are not appreciated until their death. Loss often increases the value of said person and their contributions. It is a sad fact of life.

I guess we will see what the future holds.

Freeman out.

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