A random collection of thoughts about love.

Love sucks. It is no secret that having a successful relationship involves a dedication to your partner that is beyond comprehension. No one partner should have to do all the work. The greatest lie of all time is this: There is someone for everyone!  Is there any truth to this? Some people succeed at love, others fail, and others are too scarred to try again. This is the truth about love.  I am a huge fan of love, romance and all the gooey parts of it. The sad truth is that I suck at it.

At church the other morning, I was considering my lack of success in this realm. “Eight years of failure!” I cried out during prayer. It was in the quietest moment when this thought stuck out to me: All it takes is getting it right one time to make up for the years that the locusts have taken. I was blown away. At church it seems that this one point gets hit over and over: “Just make it one more day. Keep being faithful, keep walking with the Lord, make it one more day.” When I walked through my period of darkness, I learned that making it one day at a time required me to make one step at a time. Progress is often slow, but if you keep moving forward you will come through your storm.

Maybe love doesn’t suck after all. Perhaps, it just requires us to change our perspective so that we can see that love is a full-time job but it is not without its rewards. Is there someone for everybody? I have my doubts. However, if there is then we should all take hope that one day love will find its way to us.  

                                                                                                                        Until next time,

SGT Larry Freeman


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