Ramblings from today….

It’s been a busy day. The boat that I am recovering the seats in is almost complete. Learning upholstery has been a blessing in disguise. I like working on things and repairing it to its original state. The work reminds me of God’s grace that He has shown me. God’s love and mercy lifted me out of the sin-stained gutter that I was in, and cleaned me up. I am thankful that His grace is sufficient.

Last week was a horrible week. Everything seemed to fall apart, and people drove me to the brink of insanity. I have made peace with most, but there are a few that I am still considering walking out of their lives. Unfortunately, there comes a time when you must choose to walk away for your own good. Once upon a time, I would burn the bridge while I was standing on it. It showed that I was serious about my crazy. Now, I just cut ties and move on.

I have been in pain all day and most of last night. Home sounds like the place I should be. Take care.


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